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Parachutes are not only useful when jumping from a plane (hopefully not in a state of emergency), they can also work magic on the athletic track. Running parachutes are gaining popularity and there are some great reasons for their fame.

Running with resistance can be done with various accessories, sled trainings are often used among Crossfitters, but many gyms don’t have enough resources to purchase this equipment, while others don’t have a suitable area where training could take place. This is why athletes resort to the use of a sports parachute that allows power training while running. With the parachute we can combine resistance training with interval training and at the same time we don’t have to give up on running (which is very important for avid runners!).

Coaches continually encourage runners to hit the gym and carry out weight training, but now there is an alternative available: the parachute can help increase speed and explosiveness, improve running technique and add to a more conscious run. Thanks to the parachute you can go to the athletic track and you are not always locked between the four walls of the gym. Since the tool is portable, you can take it practically anywhere and enjoy a sprint training.