KingsBox Mighty Parallettes
KingsBox Mighty Parallettes
KingsBox Mighty Parallettes
KingsBox Mighty Parallettes
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Expected availability: 24.05.2024

777.14 €

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Made in Europe

These high-quality parallettes are great for calisthenics and cross-training exercises. We have added holes, to which you can attach a whole range of accessories and thus enrich your workout routine.

The basic purpose of the parallettes as a gymnastic aid is to train coordination, accuracy, agility and balance. Cross-training exercises that can be performed on the parallettes are the L-sit, dip bar exercises and push-ups, to name just a few of the most popular ones.

Of course, we could not help but expand the range of exercises you can perform on them. Our classic pillars with holes were chosen to make the bars, on which you can place all the accessories that can also be found on the pillars of rigs or racks.

The parallettes must be anchored to the ground.