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Triceps & Lat Pulley
Triceps & Row Combo Pulley
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Multifunctional devices in fitness are a great thing, but such same machines are too expensive and take too many space in a home gym. Nevertheless, if we take only the Pulley part out, such machine can also be used in every Home Gym that has some free ceiling space. In the package you will find an adjusted version of the Iron Hand, through which goes the wire, while the pulley at the highest point sees for smooth motion of the wire.

On the one side of the wire we have the carrier for the weights that is attached with a carabiner, while on the other part, many accessories and different handles can be attached (also with a simple carabiner). The package contains the accessory for triceps.

The Triceps & Lat Pulley package contains:

• adjusted Iron hand

• pulley

• wire rope

• 2 carabiners

• weight carrier

• a triceps handle

The Triceps & Row Combo Pulley package contains:

• adjusted Iron hand x2

• Pulley x2

• wire rope x2

• 4 carabiners

• weight carrier x2

• triceps handle x2


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