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Putting extra weight on an already heavy barbell, during your deadlift training, isn’t really an elegant sight. Therefore, we decided to add this training accessory to our offer, and save some of your time so you can pay more attention to the training itself. Kingsbox Barbell Jack is small, handy and can be easily moved from point A to point B. Moreover, it will help a great deal when adding extra weight to the already good loaded barbell. This accessory comes in handy especially by deadlift training or other exercises when big weights are required and original position of the barbell is touching the floor.

Since is not an indispensable product, and is more of a commodity we decided to keep the price low. The jack has also a plastic protection to prevent damage to the barbell’s knurling and can carry up to 500kg.

Use is simple, just like the car jack which is positioned under a car and has to be pressed down to lift it, also this barbell jack works in the same manner.


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