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Expected availability: 15.06.2022

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Hybrid bar to save space and time with one functional product. You can do many different exercises with one barbell.

4 in 1 – all the Hybrid bar features. Firstly, we redesigned our KingsBox Hex bar by adding more functionalities. The Hex Bar itself is a great tool for performing a deadlift. Athletes say that the use of a Hex bar is more friendly to the back, and the position itself is more comfortable. By loading the bar with weights, you can easily change it to Farmer walk handle.

Besides being handy for deadlifts, farmer walks, or lounges, it has 2 more superpowers. You can use the Clean & Jerk landmine to perform deadlifts. The Hybrid bar can be further weighted and attached to any standard Olympic barbell.

The last (but not least) benefit of the Hybrid bar is its easy loading functionality, which makes it easier to load weights on it and put them away after you finish using it. All this in just one made in Europe product.


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