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The Model E offers a beautiful presence and excellent resistance. With its height of 51 cm, it facilitates the ascent and descent for those who have some motorical dissabilities.The nickel plated chain is very convenient as it does not need frequent lubrication and the final cover protects the mechanism from scratches and other damages. From an aesthetic point of view, the E model is the ‘luxury car’ in the world of indoor rowers. Solid and elegant, it is available in gray or black and certainly will not go unnoticed in a fitness center, at the gym in your home or in the living room of your appartement. In addition to all this guarantees the incomparable training that only the Concept 2 Indoor Rower can guarantee. This model is able to satisfy even the most demanding buyers.

• Monitor: PM5

• Cart height: 51 cm

• Monorail length: 137 cm

• For long legs up to 91 cm

• Chain or rope: Chromed steel chain

• Chain / rope cover: Fully covered

• Generator for PM Battery: PM5 is recharged when the Indoor Rower is in use

• Maximum user weight: 227 kg

• Support legs: Welded steel

• Monitor arm: Monitor arm in fixed aluminum

• The angle of the monitor can be adjusted

• Finishing: Powder enamel with transparent layer

• Color scheme: Light gray with blue-gray reflections

• Storage: Can be separated into two parts to store it more easily

• Space required (rower assembled): 244 cm x 61 cm

• Space required (for use): 274 cm x 122 cm

• For Storage: 68.6 cm x 119.4 cm x 137.2 cm

• Package size: Two boxes: 38 cm x 56 cm x 142 cm 33 cm x 64 cm x 71 cm

• Box weight 1: 17 kg

• Box 2: 13 kg

PM5 Monitor

The high performance monitor is what distinguishes the Concept2 rowing machine from all the others. Each Model E is equipped with PM5 monitors. Sophisticated, yet easy to use, the PM5 provides accurate data for each workout and gives you the opportunity to compare them. A light behind the LCD improves visibility, while compatibility with the USB Flash Drive allows you to record all your workouts with ease. You can also monitor your heart rate without cables and easily adjust the arm that supports the monitor.

PM5 Monitor

• Rechargeable battery

• A LogCard

• USB cable to connect the PM5 to your computer and to access the data of your

• LogCard

• Garmin Cardio-Frequency Meter

• Concept2 chain oil

• User manual

• Illustrated tools and instructions


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