Royal SX-10 to SX-20 Kit | KingsBox

Royal sx rack upgrade kit

Available from Aug 28, 2024

459.64 €


SX-10 to SX-20
SX-15 to SX-20
SX-15 to SX-25




There is nothing more beautiful than an upgrade, whether it be in the personal field, in the career or in the gym. If you worry that the Royal SX structure you bought at KingsBox has become too small for you and you need a bigger challenge – do not worry, we’ve got you covered!You don’t have to buy a new structure, you can just upgrade it – the SX 20 or SX 30 structures can be created from the SX 10 structure by adding connecting profiles and pillars, the SX 15 structure can be transformed into an SX 20 or SX 25 structure, and if you have the SX 20 structure, you can change it into a SX 30 structure.


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