Mighty Squat Rack SX 20 - Black | KingsBox
Mighty Squat Rack SX-20 | KingsBox
Mighty Squat Rack SX-20 | KingsBox

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Mighty squat rack sx-20

Available from Sep 13, 2024

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Made in Europe. Regardless of whether you train in your garage, or you are the owner and coach of a larger gym, the rack is the must, around which you create the training area. Mighty Squat Rack SX 20 is an extremely robust rack, designed for functional training. The columns are attached to two safety holders, that ensure stability. The front higher pillars, are intended for the barbell supports, while the height of the pull up bar is ideal for muscle ups and pull ups. The two back pillars are excellent for loading on the discs, which will provide even greater stability of the rack. Moreover, there is a vast pallet of Mighty accessories that can also be used on the structure. • Height at the front: 2380 mm • Height at the back: 1930 mm • The package contains the screws to mount the rack.


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