+ 8 free tiles of rubber flooring
Mighty Home Gym Set | KingsBox
Mighty Home Gym Set | KingsBox
+ 8 free tiles of rubber flooring

Mighty home gym set

Available from Sep 9, 2024

1514.53 €


1850.78 €





Mighty home gym set is designed for all of your, who want to create a whole equipped professional gym at home. The list of the equipment in this home gym set is long, and it includes all our most popular and special items, including cardio equipment and racks with a pulley system. With this package, we wanted to make sure that each member can train in the most suitable way for them.
To upgrade your gym to a higher level, we recommend choosing the gym in one machine – Mighty SPS.
Get yourself a home gym that will last forever.

Included in the set:
1x Royal Black Bumper Plates 5Kg (pair)
3x Royal Black Bumper Plates 10Kg (pair)
1x Royal Black Bumper Plates 15Kg (pair)
KingsBox Steel Micro Loads 0.5kg (pair)
KingsBox Steel Micro Loads 1kg (pair)
KingsBox Steel Micro Loads 1.5kg (pair)
KingsBox Steel Micro Loads 2kg (pair)
KingsBox Steel Micro Loads 2.5kg (pair)
Triple Under Jump Rope Blue
KingsBox Supreme Kettlebell 16 kg
KingsBox Supreme Kettlebell 24 kg
Adjustable Bench
Easy Grip SlamBall 6 Kg
Easy Grip SlamBall 12Kg
Magnetic Timer
Axle Olympic Dumbbell - Fat (Cataforesis) (pair)
FREE GIFT - Royal Hi-Temp Rubber Floor 100x100 1,5cm - Made in Eu (8 pieces)

Build up the rest of the set of your choice and choose the accessories and additional equipment above at a discounted price. Start building your dream home gym now!


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