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KingsBox Supreme Kettlebell | KingsBox
KingsBox Supreme Kettlebell | KingsBox

Kingsbox supreme kettlebell

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In the gym, it often happens that the equipment we need is already occupied. All the dumbbells are in use, as are all cable devices and Olympic barbells. There’s a good chance that kettlebell weights – a gadget that we don’t think is appreciated enough among athletes – are somewhere in the corner, just waiting to be used. But don’t be fooled by the fact that they are not so popular in the gym. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says (he doesn’t need a special introduction, does he?): “Muscles don’t see what you’re lifting.”
No matter what the goal of your workouts is, kettlebell weights are a great alternative to other exercise aids. You will strengthen your muscles, improve your balance and become more resilient. Squats and lunges will take on new dimensions with the help of kettlebell weights, and a variety of kettlebell swing exercises will strengthen the torso, back and arm muscles.
KingsBox products are already renowned for their quality. We also want to maintain our reputation with new kettlebell weights – each weight is handcrafted to meet all your needs. The grip is a bit thicker, so each exercise will be an even bigger challenge.

The following Kettlebell weights are available:4 kg (handle diameter: 29.2 mm)
6 kg (handle diameter: 31.3 mm)
8 kg (handle diameter: 32.9 mm)
10 kg (handle diameter: 32.9 mm)
12 kg (handle diameter: 35.9 mm)
16 kg (handle diameter: 37.9 mm)
20 kg (handle diameter: 37.9 mm)
24 kg (handle diameter: 37.3 mm)
28 kg (handle diameter: 37.3 mm)
32 kg (handle diameter: 39.1 mm)


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