KingsBox Start-up Strap | KingsBox
KingsBox Start-up Strap | KingsBox
KingsBox Start-up Strap | KingsBox

Kingsbox start-up strap

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Even though it sometimes seems that our equipment is intended only for professional, experienced athletes, this is certainly not the case. We are well aware that Rome was not built in a day and that every expert was once a beginner. The KingsBox Start up Strap was designed for beginners and it is an innovative solution that will help you on your way to the first pull-up.

If you have tried various accessories so far, from a chair to an elastic band and a plyo box, we now suggest a more elegant solution: the Start up Strap, which you simply attach to a pull-up bar. The helping band is already included in the package, as is the footrest.

The accessory will help you until you strengthen your upper body muscles enough to perform a pull-up on your own. Persevere, as achieving the first stand-alone pull-up feels amazing!


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