KingsBox Modular Grip (Royal) | KingsBox
KingsBox Modular Grip (Royal) | KingsBox

Kingsbox modular grip (royal)

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Designed and manufactured in Europe.

The KingsBox brand has become already a synonym for innovation, flexibility and the ability to upgrade. It is precisely with these words that we can also describe a modular grip, which is basically composed of two parts, but it can be combined in different ways.

First you will need a profile, on which you can attach various accessories. You can buy this profile with the iron cage, individually, or as part of this kit. The base price of this kit, includes just the two pairs of grips that allow you to practice Pull ups at different angles. This way, you train different muscle groups, depending of course on how you position yourself. If you fasten (and grasp) the grip wider, you will train the back muscles, but if the handles are placed more narrowly, the work of the biceps will be more emphasized. You can adjust the width of the flat and curved handles yourself.

You can also add a spherical grip – available in two sizes – to the basic package. To make your training even harder.

• Width: minimum 264 mm, maximum 1115 mm

• Depth of flat grip: 200 mm

• Depth of curved grip: 172 mm

• Sold in pairs

• The base package contains two straight handles and two curved grips. Additional you can also add a base profile and spherical grips.


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