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Kingsbox kinesiology tape

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Until a few years ago, kinesio tapes were known only to the greatest connoisseurs, however, today we see more and more people with colorful tapes glued to the skin that peek out from under their sportswear. There are many different kinesiology tapes nowadays. Their inventor was the Japanese chiropractor dr. Kenzo Kase, who was looking for a solution to provide support but not restrict movement. It is a therapeutic tape that is strategically glued to the skin, and with it pain and swelling are reduced as well as the performance of exercises increased. The tape, which can be worn on the skin for a few days, gently lifts the skin, this is otherwise only noticeable under a microscope, but it is enough to increase the space in the joints and thus prevent inflammation of the joints. When the skin is slightly raised, the subcutaneous tissues relax, and different signals reach the brain than without the straps, and as a result, the pressure at the painful point is reduced. Another advantage is the improvement of circulation and – in case of injuries – also other fluids that accumulate in the injured area. Kinesio tapes help us heal injuries, support weak areas of the body, improve the performance of exercises and upgrade or change muscle memory. It should be noted that kinesio tapes cannot be used for every injury, rather the opposite: it is necessary to consult a doctor or kinesiologist prior to their use. They will tell you when to use the tape and how to fasten it properly.


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