+ 4 free tiles of rubber flooring
Kings Home Gym Set | KingsBox
Kings Home Gym Set | KingsBox
+ 4 free tiles of rubber flooring

Kings home gym set

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It is quite common that each house or apartment has free space available for home gym equipment. But sometimes it is difficult to decide what equipment to choose that will be perfect for complete workouts throughout the whole year.
That's why we carefully created the Kings home gym set, which includes all the basic equipment which allows you to train whenever you want.
In the package, we have already included bumpers, micro plates, gymnastics ring, jump rope, and a bench. Because we know that each space is a little bit different, you can choose your own model of rack or pull-up bar.

Included in the set:1x Royal Bumper Plates 5Kg (pair)
3x Royal Bumper Plates 10Kg (pair)
1x Royal Bumper Plates 15Kg (pair)
Micro Loads 0.5kg (pair)
Micro Loads 1kg (pair)
Micro Loads 1.5kg (pair)
Micro Loads 2kg (pair)
Triple Under Jump Rope Blue
KingsBox Flat Bench
FREE GIFT - Royal Hi-Temp Rubber Floor 100x100 1,5cm - Made in Eu (4 pieces)

Build up the rest of the set of your choice and choose the accessories and additional equipment above at a discounted price. Start building your dream home gym now!


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