+ 4 free tiles of rubber flooring
Dukes Home Gym Set | KingsBox
Dukes Home Gym Set | KingsBox
Dukes Home Gym Set | KingsBox
+ 4 free tiles of rubber flooring

Dukes home gym set

Available from Sep 9, 2024

444.23 €


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Are you looking for a basic home gym set for complete training at your home? Look no more.
Dukes home gym set is perfect for everyone who wants to upgrade home workouts to a higher level. In the set, we have already included bumpers, micro plates, and lock jaws, but we are leaving the decision of barbell and rack to you.
You can choose between different racks and pull-up bars, depending on the size and features of your empty room that is waiting for new equipment.

Included in the set:
Royal Bumper Plates 15Kg (pair)
Royal Bumper Plates 10Kg x 6
Royal Bumper Plates 5Kg (pair)
3x Micro Plates 0.5kg (pair)
1x Micro Plates 1.5kg (pair)
1x Micro Plates 2kg (pair)
FREE GIFT - Royal Hi-Temp Rubber Floor 100x100 1,5cm - Made in Eu (4 pieces)

Build up the rest of the set of your choice and choose the accessories and additional equipment above at a discounted price. Start building your dream home gym now!


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