14 People Pro Gym Set - WR | KingsBox
14 People Pro Gym Set | KingsBox
14 People Pro Gym Set | KingsBox

14 people pro gym set

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Royal Wall Rig WR14
Royal Freestanding Rig FR14




At Kingsbox we strive to help people realize their dream. We can offer custom solutions, give advice how to best utilize the space in the gym and we also offer sets of sports equipment for professional gyms that are a great base for starting a gym.

This set is meant for bigger gyms, that expect to offer training space to 14 people at the same time.
You can choose between a wall or a freestanding rig and add additional equipment as needed: cardio machines, rubber flooring and storage systems.

Included in the set:
10x men's hybrid barbell
4x women's hybrid barbell
4x beginners barbell
14x safety collars
1060kg of bumper plates
3x set of microplates
4x Hex Dumbbell 5kg
4x Hex Dumbbell 7kg
4x Hex Dumbbell 10kg
4x Hex Dumbbell 12,5kg
4x Hex Dumbbell 15kg
4x Hex Dumbbell 17.5kg
4x Hex Dumbbell 20kg
4x Hex Dumbbell 22.5kg
4x Hex Dumbbell 25kg
4x Hex Dumbbell 27.5kg
4x Hex Dumbbell 30kg
4x Kettlebell 8kg
4x Kettlebell 12kg
4x Kettlebell 16kg
4x Kettlebell 20kg
4x Kettlebell 24kg
4x Kettlebell 28kg
4x Kettlebell 32kg
10x Plyo Box
2x Wall Ball 4kg
6x Wall Ball 6kg
6x Wall Ball 9kg
14x Jumping rope
1x Adjustable bench
1x KingsBox Royal Sled 2.0
3x Elastic band 45mm
3x Elastic band 29mm
3x Elastic band 21mm
3x Elastic band 13mm
3x Elastic band 6.4mm
2x Low Parallettes
6x Wooden Gymnastic Rings
3x Climbing rope 4,5m
15x Ceiling hanger


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