One hall separated into two parts to enable simultaneous training

We first met Andreas and Peter at FIBO in March 2022. There is where they introduced to us the vision of their gym. From there it went quickly, after visiting our showroom and some adjustments to the offer, we went into production and they opened Crossfit Lift Like a Viking at the end of the summer of the same year.

A gym that is accessible to all – from complete beginners to cross-training athletes

The owners both have extensive experience in the functional training world. Building a strong community and fostering a passion for moving in all the individuals that come to their gym was in the front of their minds when they started planning their gym. They came to us with the idea of a gym that would be suitable for all kinds of people – from beginners who just want to move, to people who want to exhaust themself for an hour, to the ones who have very specific fitness goals and are training professionally.

One giant hall, two separate parts

The location of the gym is one big hall. To be able to hold group trainings and still have some space left for those who want to train individually in the “open gym”, we suggested separating the hall into two parts.
The bigger part has a big Custom FR16 Mighty Rig in the center that has enough high pillars for attaching gymnastic rings and climbing ropes so that a whole group can train at the same time. There is a long artificial turf track with a custom “Building Better Humans” sign-on, an impressive cardio machine assembly line, and all the free-weight equipment one would need in cross-training class.

For the smaller part that is meant for the open gym training, we suggested a smaller Mighty FR6 Rig. Having a Mighty version of our Rigs in both parts means that all the rig attachments they purchased would fit both. In the open gym area, they wanted more variety and tools that would be used for more focused strength training. Like for example: dip bars, our Hybrid Hex bar, a Peg Board, Jerk Blocks, a Weightlifting platform, paralleles, sand bags, and so on.

A stunning result

The owners had a really clear idea of what they wanted in their gym and it was a pleasure to work with them and support them with our suggestions. The result is a stunning training hall that just invites you to start moving. And if you don’t, Andreas and Peter will make sure they motivate you.


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