Crossfit Monterotondo Case Study

Een renovatie die hen hielp nieuwe klanten te winnen – Crossfit Monterotondo

Crossfit Monterotondo is a gym with a long history and a tight-knit community. We’ve been working with the owner Francesco for years. Our first bigger project together was outfitting their Outdoor area in 2021. Our Mighty Monkey FR16 outdoor rig enables them to easily hold outdoor cross-training classes in warmer weather.

When he came to us with the idea of a complete renovation of their gym, we could not have been more excited.


Optimizing the available space

Their well-loved and used gym was ready for new flooring and gear. But we suggested that we go a step further than a basic renovation, and use this opportunity to really optimize their available space. Their gym has 3 separate halls, each dedicated to a different style of training. And so we took up the task of carefully considering the equipment that went into each section of their gym, aligning with its specific purpose. So that the users would have everything they needed at hand and at the same time not feel crowded by too much extra stuff.


Cross-training hall

The first hall is dedicated to gymnastics and group cross-training sessions. Here we suggested a big Mighty Freestanding rig with high pillars for hanging the climb ropes and gymnastic rings on. The Rig is big enough to accommodate a big group of people and at the same time leaves enough free space around it.


Weightlifting hall

The second hall is mainly dedicated to weightlifting training. Here it was important to have enough free space. So we suggested leaving the hall practically bare. Other than storage racks for equipment on the side of the hall, we suggested leaving it empty, offering enough space for group barbell training.


Personal training area

The third hall is dedicated to personal training sessions and targeted strength training. Sensing the need for some new equipment with additional functions, they asked for our advice. We suggested some of our multifunctional pulley systems that offer the most function and take up the least amount of space. The pulley machines are versatile and easy to use for a beginner or someone who comes from a classical commercial gym environment.


Adding a special touch to the whole gym

During their ongoing renovation, we met at the Rimini Fitness Fair. Francesco fell in love with the massive desk we had on our booth and was happy to hear that we offer it in reception desh form to our customers. And we love how well it goes with not just our equipment, but the whole new look of their gym.


Deciding to offer their members something new

Monterotondo is primarily a cross-training gym with a long history in that area. However, they’ve recognized a new trend and interest amongst their community for more targeted strength training sessions, private training where one can work on their weaknesses, and rehabilitation work. That is why they decided to equip a complete hall with equipment that caters to that need: some free weights, specialized barbells, cardio machines and to top it off a few pulley systems for targeted strength training. Deciding to offer something more to their members proved to be a great success. They have a growing interest in one-on-one training and all the old members love the new pulley systems that they can use during the open gym.


Balancing tradition with innovation

In renovating, Crossfit Monterotondo managed to keep its history alive while updating its facilities. They kept their famous wall graffiti, a nod to their roots and long-time members.

We’re proud to be part of Monterotondo’s journey, blending tradition with modern fitness trends.


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