Power Platform con madera
Power Platform con madera
Power Platform
Power Platform
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If we created a platform for weightlifting, it is only right that we have now also made one for powerlifting, more precisely for deadlifts.

The power platform has many advantages. It protects the floor of your gym – even if rubber is installed over the base, after years of use, the concrete, let alone the tiles or parquet, will crack and crumble. Especially if you are renting, you want to avoid the high cost of repairing the floors before the end of the lease. The platform does not only protect the floors but also the equipment from extreme force that affects the barbell and weights when falling down.
Lifting weights on the platform is safer and not as noisy. And most importantly – the feeling is much better.
The platform consists of a steel frame, rubber and, if desired, a wooden part. Four more attachments for elastic bands are welded into the steel frame, which offer even greater resistance during training. If you choose to use the bands, you need to screw the platform into the ground.


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