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Expected availability: 09.02.2023

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George Jowett is a name you are probably familiar with if you are a fan of Strong Man and bodybuilding. He suffered from a severe injury in his childhood, and many believed that he will never walk again. But he proved them all wrong. At 18 he won several boxing titles and the prestige bodybuilding title “Most perfectly developed man”. He broke many world records that are impressive even now, 100 years later. He was also well known for his strong grip that he needed for his anvil lifting feats.
Having a strong grip comes in handy not only when lifting an anvil but at different weightlifting exercises, pull-ups, muscle-ups, etc. Wooden Cone is perfect for training your grip. You can attach it to a pull-up bar or combine it with a bumper carrier in both cases you will train your grip.

Included in the price are the wooden cone grip and a carabiner.


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