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Expected availability: 01.03.2023

15.4 €

VAT included (22%)

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We already have the battle rope hook that is screwed to the rig. But now we have also taken care of those smaller home gyms or personal studios that do not have a steel structure on which to install the hook, or for whatever reason do not want to attach it to the pillar.
This version is also compatible with the Mighty series of racks. It was designed for everyone who wants to screw the hook on the wall, install the battle rope through it and start with the killer training.
The Battle Rope Hook makes it easier to attach the battle rope to the rig, and it is easy to use. The hook is compatible with KingBox racks. In the gym, the ropes are often wrapped around the pillars, which damages the ropes and chips the paint on the pillars. That is why we made a hook that extends the lifespan of the equipment. The product is completely powder-coated in matte black.