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Are you a proud owner of a Royal Squat Rack SX-15 or Royal Squat Rack SX-10, and you want to expand its functionality further? It’s quite simple, the only thing you need is a Kingsbox yoke kit. With it you can transform your normal rack into a yoke or a sled.

The set contains a crossbar the so-called carry bar and four bumper carriers, for loading on the additional weight.

The crossbar has a diameter of 60mm, which will lay perfectly on your back and will provide with evenly weight distribution, on both sides. It’s installed in just a few seconds, thanks to it’s quick fit system.

The Bumper carriers are simply attached to the Rack leg supports and perform two tasks: to carry the bumpers and, thanks to the slides on the underside, transform your rack into a sled.

If you use the construction as a sled, we recommend using it on (artificial) grass or concrete, unfortunately, due to great resistance it won’t slide on rubber flooring.

• Crossbar length: 1090,50 mm

• Bumper carrier height: 300 mm

• Diameter of the crossbar: 60 mm

• Diameter of the bumper carrier: 48,30 mm

• The package contains four carriers, a crossbar (carry bar) and two safety pins.


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