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Talons are engineered to safeguard your hands from the most brutal workouts. From handlebars to barbells, Talons reduce direct friction to protect your hands from tears and blisters. They’re touch-screen friendly, with a seamless palm design that won’t fail you during a WOD. Best of all, our unique palm material is designed to work with chalk – aiding your grip even more.


Our synthetic palm material loves gym chalk – continue to use it as normal, and don’t worry about barbells and rigs caked in the stuff. It’ll make your Talons better.

Sweat Wipe & Silicone Beads

Sweaty during a workout? A microfiber patch on the thumb lets you make quick work of a sweaty forehead. Silicone beading on the palm keeps you on the rings for muscle-ups.

Touch Screen Friendly

We get it. You gotta get that photo on Instagram, start your WOD timer, or take a selfie during a workout. We’ve got you covered – no need to take off your Talons.


Touch Screen friendly

Seamless palm construction

“False-grip” silicon ribs to help with Muscle Ups

Hook grip thumb protection

Sweat wipe

Vented finger side walls

Para-cord pull strap

Works with Chalk

Tim Swisher – “I used them at the Texas Spartan Beast (13 miles), which was a complete mess after flooding and torrential downpours. They performed quite well in those conditions. Didn’t hold water, good grip and comfortable. I’ve had gloves that only last 2 races and were destroyed, the durability of the Talons are great.”


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