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Expected availability: 17.02.2023

302.06 €

VAT included (22%)

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If you want to equip your gym with a cable-driven fitness device at minimal cost, this is the right accessory for you. The concept is simple: on the Mighty branch, which can be mounted on the wall as well as on the Mighty pillars, we installed two width-adjustable pulleys and a steel cable with carbine and bumper carrier.

With a simple carabiner one can attach various accessories to the cable: be it our LAT Destroyer or other attachments.

With this device, you will give priority to arm muscles, shoulders and back. Different muscle groups are activated through different exercises and attachments. The use of this device is safe because the reps are more fluent, as oppose to exercising with free weights and therefore the chance of injury is decreased.

Package includes Mighty branch, two pulleys, steel cable, two carbines, bumper carrier, mounting screws for the Mighty Uprights (not wall!)

This product can also be attached directly to a weight-bearing wall. The bolts for attaching the product to the concrete are not included.

Pulley Attachment (Mighty) is compatible with our Mighty Rigs and Racks, and can also be attached directly to the wall.