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Here is a product that will give a bit of freshness to your every workout. Have you ever thought of trying to perform classic exercises with different tools, such as replacing the barbell with a sand bag? With one of our Sandbags, you can increase the difficulty of each of your workouts – 30 kg on the barbell may seem like a few, but try to use 30 kg of the Sand Bag.
With this bag, you can perform many exercises which will help you improve stability, strength and endurance. Made of leather, with double stitching, two handles on the sides (for a firm and comfortable grip) and the core entirely filled with sand, ensures its highest quality, which is also a sign of recognition of the KingsBox brand.

Sandbags are not suitable to be dropped on the floor.

Do not use wet sand for filling the sandbags, as the dampness can cause mold growth.


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