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Expected availability: 27.02.2023

188.7 €

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Jerk Block is a great accessory, but let’s admit it, not everyone can afford it or has enough space for this piece of equipment. This is why a lot of athletes stack bumper plates one on top of the other when a training with heavy weights is scheduled.

Working with stacked plates we can certainly damage them and let’s not forget that the bumper’s surface is too small to easily place the bar on it. Another important question (that we don’t often ask ourselves while training) is: in which direction the weighted barbell will bounce? We can just hope it doesn’t decide to bounce towards us!

Due to these issues we suggest that you place the KingsBox Pull Blocks on the top of the weights, which helps to increase the droppage surface, while the curved edges will prevent falls.

In addition to two steel plates, the product consists of two pairs of tubes that are attached to the plates and placed in weights for greater stability.

• The package contains two steel plates and two pairs of tubes.