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A handstand is not exactly a simple gymnastic exercise and handstand walking is even less. Walking in a HS cannot exactly be described as a fundamental movement, but we must admit that it is quite fun! Furthermore, this exercise also appears in various competitions.

By handstand walking, two things are quite interesting: regardless of one’s muscle-mass and determination, for progress you will only have to do one thing – exercise. When learning other skills, we can usually use alternatives that lead us to our goal – we can use plastic or wooden sticks instead of an Olympic bar to learn the technique. When trying to master pull ups, we can use elastic resistance bands. While walking on our hands does not leave us other than simply falling down several times. We have to learn to calm and stabilize our various muscle groups that prevent us from falling.

But once we master this exercise, we can set new challenges: Handstand walk up the PLATFORM ramp (on our platform). For each move to the next step (korak na stopnicah), the chest must be extensively expanded, the feeling of instability increases, and therefore the muscles become even stronger. And when you master this exercise, we are sure you won’t be able to erase the smile of off your face.