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KingsBox chains are produced in Italy and can be used in Powerlifting training to increase the difficulty level of bodyweight training. The galvanized surface not only gives the chain great shine, but also protects from sweat and magnesium.

The chains must be fastened one on each side of the barbell, in this way, the higher the barbell is moved upwards, the greater the weight on it. You can also use chains to increase the difficulty of pull-ups or dips by simply holding the chain around your neck or attaching it to the Weight Belt.

The chains are sold as follows: 2 chains of 100 cm x 6 mm, 2 chains of 100 cm x 13 mm and 2 carabiners.

Weight per single chain:
6 mm: 0,65 kg
13 mm: 3,75 kg
Total weight: 9 kg


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