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You are wrong if you think that battle rope exercises are just the latest trend in the fitness industry and that the purpose is only to draw attention! Battle rope is a great accessory that will help you build strength and muscles. These ropes are available in different lengths, different materials… but the purpose is always the same: to prepare a killer training for everyone! This slightly narrower rope is 12 meters long.

The use of the rope has many advantages: not only you will train your strength and endurance, the trainings will also be more versatile, since the rope is suitable for a lot of different exercises. We recommend it for every (garage) gym; in good weather you can use it also outdoors for your exercises. Royal battle rope is very durable, as it is coated with nylon, with ergonomically shaped holders that prevent tearing.

25 mm = 6 kg 38mm = 10 kg


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