Single Station Static Rig Pulley 400 black RAL 9005 FSN | KingsBox
Mighty Rig Stack Pulley Position | KingsBox
Mighty Rig Stack Pulley Position | KingsBox
Mighty Rig Stack Pulley Position | KingsBox

Mighty rig stack pulley position

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400 mm
900 mm





The KingsBox add-on pulley positions are prepared for those that have a KingsBox mighty rig or rack and want to add a high-quality stack pulley position directly on the structure.

Thanks to the modularity of our stack pulley add-ons and structures, you can combine them into unique, space-saving, and functional structures that practically have no limits.The Add-on pulley is available in 900 mm and 400 mm depth, and you can also choose between static and adjustable pulley options.

The static one has 2 pulley cables. One is positioned directly under the highest point of the upright, so you can use it for exercises like Lat pull-downs and triceps extensions. On the other hand, you have another pulley positioned on the lowest point of the structure. This option is suitable for exercises like biceps curls or rows.

The Adjustable option has a pulley card that can be adjusted to your most preferred height with literary just a click. This functionality allows you the freedom to change your exercises fast and have the minimum transaction time. The upright is covered in high-quality European chrome, and it's made to resist the thick of time.

For connecting the stack pulley to the structure, we have 4 options to connect your pulley add-on to the Mightystructure. You can choose between 1700 and 1100 mighty profiles or 1700mm and 1000 mm storage shelves.

Color: German quality powder-coated in black color

Additional offer: You can exchange the basic 50 kg weight stack with 80 kg or 120 kg.

Note: This equipment has a 1:2 ratio. What does that mean? It means that, when 50kg is selected at the stack, the user experiences 25kg of equivalent pull force or half of the selected weight.


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